Scottish Psalmody: Introduction and external links

The aim of this site is to provide links to good recordings of singing of (eventually!) all the tunes in the Scottish Psalmody, which is perhaps the only music edition of the Scottish Psalter (1650) currently in print.

For now the first page is just about complete:

and a second is just beginning:

Scottish Psalmody books (Scottish Metrical Psalms) available to buy here:

staffpsalmody solfapsalmody
GBP 18.50 + postage GBP 7.50 + postage

Other sites with a similar focus:

The Psalms of David – Sung a cappella – this is apparently an index by psalm number to the vast resources from several different psalters uploaded to Connor Quigley’s SoundCloud profile  – an index, again by psalm number, to various recordings of the Scottish Psalter 1650, notably but by no means exclusively from (1) psalm sings organised by folk from the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, Santa Fe, Texas, and (2) recordings from Christ Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church, Wylie, Texas

”Scottish Psalmody” Soundcloud profile a.k.a “part-pro”  – a huge selection of 4-part harmony, and separate Alto, Tenor, Bass recordings for Scottish Psalmody, Sing Psalms, and The Psalms for Singing – a 21st Century Edition (RPC of Ireland).

Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) midi psalm tunes – a complete set of midi files for all the tunes in The Scottish Psalmody.  Scroll down – they’re immediately below the sermons 🙂

Tunes used in “The Supplement” compiled by the late Jay Sulzmann of the Presbyterian Reformed Church, Charlotte, NC

The Scottish Metrical Psalter – printed music and keyboard recordings of tunes in all four parts and harmony from Greenville Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC – a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) (as at June 2015 this has only 20 tunes but the stated intention is to add more tunes every week).

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